Simplify the interest rate process from analysis to publication.

The all-in-1 interest rate tool for:

Interest rate publication

Stay in control over the publication process on internal and external communication channels

Interest rate analysis

Gain easy insight with custom peergroups and personalized analysis profiles

Interest rate processing

Stay focused with the golden source methode


The simplicity of insight ensures enormous acceleration in our interest rate process.


Flexible and affordable
options for everyone.



/ maand

  • Product processing
  • Golden source method
  • Publication to own network
  • Interest analysis



/ maand

  • Product processing
  • Golden source method
  • Interest analysis
  • Publication to own network

The mortgage interest analysis tool.

Base every decision on data. Provide clear and transparent processes and accelerate the interest process. Unique software with comprehensive analytics and much more!
Ideal for lenders who:

  • Need to have grip on the interest rate process;
  • Need to make market analysis based on announced interest rate changes;
  • Need to make custom peergroup analysis;
  • Need to have real-time insight into their position;
  • Need to directly publish to more than 500 websites;
  • Need to distribute interest rates to all mortgage advisors